Ride To Review is South Australia’s (SA) largest and fastest growing advocacy group for riders of powered two and three wheeled vehicles in SA and was created in March 2015.

Currently the group consists of over 2200 social & paid members and via the power of group collaboration we have

  • Been invited to and joined the SA Government’s Motorcycle Reference Group (MRG).
  • Help Formed Lane Filtering Legislation in SA through our Lane Filtering Submission.
  • Delivered ECE Helmet Legislation into SA Parliament via our work with the Government & State Opposition Party.
  • Worked with DPTI to get the installation guide for road side barriers modified to increase rider safety.
  • Increased the profile of rider and riding related issues in all forms of media.

Additionally, whilst originally formed on Facebook, on the 27th of June 2017, Ride to Review become an officially incorporated association within South Australia.

This was undertaken primarily to

  • Cement Ride to Review’s position within the SA advocacy space for powered two and three wheel riders,
  • Allow the formalisation of an association structure which would ensure the advocacy remains in the hands of SA riders,
  • Provide the South Australian riding community with an association that acts in the best interest of the community, and
  • Provide opportunity for the association to receive government funding and apply for grants to undertake programs that benefit SA riders.

How do I Join & Support?

1. Sign up for a paid Ride to Review membership via our sign up page. All monies raised from paid membership goes directly back into our community, and the best way to support our community, is to become a member.


2. Join the group on Facebook and getting involved.

3. Share this page, share the Facebook group, and encourage your fellow friends and riders to become members of Ride to Review.

The more people in the group, the bigger the voice we have… and that means a bigger say we have in government decisions affecting us, it’s that simple.